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Stop Leaks Before They Cost You with Smart Water Valve Detection

Stop Leaks Before They Cost You with Smart Water Valve Detection

Pair Water Management Technology with Your Smart Security System to Protect Your Property from Damage

Did you know the annual cost of home water damage is $9.1 billion? Burst pipes, drippy faucets, and leaky appliances happen quickly and sometimes right under your nose without any warning. Before you know it, you’re spending thousands of dollars on repairs.

Despite the constant risk of water leaks, only 6 percent of homes currently have a smart leak detection system. A smart leak detection system is especially crucial for properties that stay vacant for months throughout the year, like vacation homes in Sea Island, GA. Imagine visiting your vacation residence only to find collapsed ceilings or a mold-blackened basement from water leak damage.

By pairing smart water valve detection with your smart security system, you can rest confidently that leaks are stopped at the start, whether you’re there or not. Learn more about the benefits of smart water valve detection below.

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The Advantage of Smart Water Valve Detection

In the last decade, leak detection solutions have grown in popularity. In fact, your home may already have some sort of water sensor in place. While water sensors are great in theory, our home security professionals at Atlantic Security have experienced the limitations they pose when it comes to protecting properties from water damage.

To detect and prevent leaks at the start, you must be able to predict where and which way water will leak in order to properly place water sensors throughout your home. However, water leaks are unpredictable. If you place a water sensor on the right side of your water heater but a pipe bursts on the left side, your water sensor may not detect a leak until after significant damage has already been done.

Smart water valve detection as part of a whole-home water management solution responds intelligently to leaks, no matter where they’re coming from. Instead of installing hundreds of water sensors throughout your home, this technology is installed at your home’s main water supply and uses a high-tech internal meter to detect and stop leaks from any location throughout your property.


Automated Shutoff and Real-Time Alerts

One of the solutions our team installs is’s Smart Water Valve+Meter technology. This device is an innovative addition to the Water Management solution and integrates effortlessly with an smart home security system. When the Smart Water Valve+Meter detects a leak, it immediately activates its onboard actuator, which closes your home’s main water valve and shuts off your water right away.

Because the Smart Water Valve+Meter is integrated with your home security system, you’ll also receive a mobile alert that a leak was detected in your home and that your main water supply has been shut off. By the time an alert reaches your phone, you can be confident that your system has already shut off your water, saving you hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage repairs.


Conserves Water and Saves You Money

Beyond helping to prevent water damage, smart water valve detection can also monitor your water use and improve water conservation efforts. For example, if someone is taking a long shower and your smart security system knows you’re at home, you’ll get an alert of excessive water use, but your water will remain on. However, if you’re away and one of your toilets is constantly running, your water will shut off to help save up to 200 gallons of wasted water per day.

Embrace water use insights to monitor how much water you’re using for showers, laundry, toilets, and more. Receive water consumption reports to stay on top of water usage and improve your conservation efforts. You’ll find all the tools you need right there in the app.


Better protect your property from water leaks and regulate your consumption by upgrading to smarter water valve detection as part of your home security system. To find out more about this solution, or to schedule a free consultation with us, call (912) 264-8679 or fill out our online contact form today.

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