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The Benefits of an Indoor and Outdoor Video Surveillance System

The Benefits of an Indoor and Outdoor Video Surveillance System

Knowing What’s Happening at Home Enables a Quick Response

Receiving an alert when someone is detected at your Jacksonville, FL, property provides tremendous peace of mind. Whether it's friends showing up early for an afternoon barbeque, delivery personnel, or a stranger walking up the driveway, knowing is the first step in taking a proactive response.

Today’s video surveillance system monitors your property 24/7, alerting you if there's danger and deterring intruders with its presence. Let’s explore what a video surveillance system is and why homeowners throughout Florida turn to this security measure to protect their homes and families.

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Know What’s Happening on Your Property

At Atlantic Security, we’ve been leaders in home security for over 50 years. Our expertise ensures a video surveillance system that covers the most vulnerable areas. Motion sensors in these areas detect movement, and security cameras record the event. If the system deems it a threat, such as a stranger by the side gate, you’ll receive a push notification alerting you of potential trouble. 

We also use a video analytics function known as digital tripwires. When crossed, you receive a notification. This is particularly beneficial if there are certain areas or items you’d like actively guarded, such as your prized antique car or a sculpture in the garden.

Keep Eyes on Specific Rooms

Some clients also want to monitor what’s happening inside their home. In addition to protection against intruders, this is particularly valuable if you have young children cared for by babysitters. Today’s 360-degree indoor cameras can monitor a room in its entirety, and integrated speakers and microphones let you speak to the person in the room.

Or, perhaps you have an energetic pet that somehow finds its way into your closets when you’re gone. Set the tripwire in front of the closet before you leave and receive an alert when your pup begins foraging. A quick remark from the camera will probably have him scurrying to his bed.

React to Potential Threats

It can be quite unnerving to hear rustling in the middle of the night and not know its source. A video surveillance system relieves undue stress by reacting to the sound with a flood light and cameras recording the incident. You can quickly pick up the tablet by your bed, view the live video surveillance feed, and determine if a call to law enforcement is warranted. 

If it is a stranger, you can tell them you've spotted them via the two-way audio system. Security cameras also possess flashing red LED lights and loud whistles, which, when activated, tend to scare off would-be criminals.

Sometimes, it's not people but weather events that can leave you uncertain. If you're away from home when a major storm strikes, you now have the power to check and make sure everything is alright. If you see an upstairs window that was left open, a quick call to a neighbor could save the day.

From seeing unexpected visitors to unknown vehicles, a video surveillance system brings incredible peace of mind whether you’re at home or away. To learn more about the latest video surveillance systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today.

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