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The First Line of Security: Door Access Control

The First Line of Security: Door Access Control

Manage Who Enters Your Home from Anywhere

People often think of alarms and security cameras when we mention home security. While these play a significant part in a protected home, another element that adds safety and convenience is a door access control system.

This is the first line of defense, allowing you to determine who can enter your Jacksonville, FL, home anytime. Let's explore what door access control is and its many benefits to homes by continuing. 

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The Lock

Locks can come with various access systems. Many homes use keypads that require hopeful enterers to input four-digit codes. Others use cards or fobs for entry. The most advanced are today's biometric readers, which require people to use their fingerprints or eye scans to gain access.

When a person enters your home, you receive an alert via your smartphone and know who entered based on their code or credentials. If it’s your kids, you know they arrived home from school safe and sound. If it's the dog walker or housekeeper, you know who's visiting and who gained entrance to your home at any time. You can even specify schedules, such as allowing the children's caregiver to enter as early as 7 a.m. and limiting the housekeepers' access from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on certain days of the week.

You can create and disable codes at any time, immediately denying access if someone proves untrustworthy or allowing access for a new member of your household staff. 

The Key

Homeowners have remote access, which means they can lock and unlock these devices from anywhere. Some of these devices have cameras, microphones, and speakers, enabling you to see who’s visiting and have a two-way conversation. If it’s a delivery driver, you can unlock the garage door and ask them to leave the packages inside.

If it’s a stranger, you can speak to them and notify law enforcement if it's clear they should not be on your property. When you’re away on vacation, you can rest assured you’ll receive an alert should anyone attempt to gain entry and can take the necessary steps if needed.

Sometimes, it’s the day-to-day convenience that makes these devices so handy. For example, instead of wondering if you or anyone else remembered to lock the door on the way out, you can check your smartphone to verify the status of each entry.    

Total Control

When combined with security cameras, you experience the ultimate level of protection. These cameras offer a greater viewing area, with some providing 360 degrees. When strategically placed around all vulnerable areas of your home, they create a virtual field of view. 

Now, when someone attempts to gain entry—whether through the front or back door, garage, or windows—you’ll receive an alert and can pull up a live video feed on your mobile device when you're away or on your TV when you're at home.

Atlantic Security has been protecting homeowners and their families since 1968. To learn more about access control, which system is right for you, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today. 

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