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Today’s Fire Alarm Systems Are Smart and Proactive

Today’s Fire Alarm Systems Are Smart and Proactive

Learn How a Smart Fire Alarm System Can Save Lives

You probably remember the fire-related tragedies that occurred last year in St. Augustine, FL. Just weeks before Christmas, a fire erupted on the north side of Eddie Vickers Park. Though the fire department responded in six minutes, much of the home was destroyed in the two hours it took to extinguish the blaze. Similarly, in February neighbors reported smoke coming from a home near St. Augustine Beach and though firefighters responded in minutes, it was too late to save a man and his dog. 

While heartbreaking, these events are stark reminders of the importance of protecting our property and loved ones in moments when the unthinkable happens. Smoke inhalation is the number one cause of death due to fire. Fire alarm systems can wake up homeowners before carbon monoxide and other toxic by-products cause asphyxiation. In addition to protecting assets and property, an early warning can limit the dangers firefighters face when a spark becomes an inferno. Every 20 seconds, somewhere in the U.S., a firefighter responds to a fire and a call for help.

If you only get one smart home device, consider making it a smart fire alarm system. Here’s why. 

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Immediate Detection and Notification

Detection is one of the most important aspects of a fire alarm system. Today’s smart smoke alarms are hybrid devices that detect heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide.

The other important part of a fire alarm system is notification, letting people know when they and their property are in danger and alerting the fire department. A traditional smoke alarm requires someone to be home to hear it and contact the authorities. 

A smart smoke alarm sends you an alert. So whether you're working in the garden, at work, or halfway across the world on vacation, you'll receive a notification via a smartphone app that something is wrong. 

Voice Alert

There’s nothing worse than hearing an alarm go off in the middle of the night and not knowing what it’s for. You rush frantically to the kid’s room before determining the best course of action.

A smart detector uses voice alerts to tell you the location of the fire. For example, if an electrical fire starts in the garage, the detector will announce, “Warning. Smoke in the garage. Evacuate.” You can then determine the best exit strategy, get out, and then notify the fire department.

Of course, it’s important to consider false alarms. In 2018, firefighters in the U.S. responded to almost 2.9 million false alarms, wasting precious time. Smart detectors can distinguish between a real fire and smoke from burnt dinners or shower steam. 

For families who want the ultimate in security and safety, 24/7monitoring is also available. This means that your home is monitored when you’re away as well as at night when you’re asleep. A professional monitoring system receives the alert and can then notify your local fire department if warranted. 

Combining Your Fire Alarm System With Home Automation

When you combine your home’s fire alarm system with other home automation technologies, you can rest assured you’re doing all you can to protect your property and those you love. 

In case of a fire, the fire alarm system shuts down the HVAC system, preventing the spread of smoke. It also unlocks doors, giving first responders access, and turns on lights to help anyone in the home find their way out. Integrated with security systems, video surveillance cameras can help locate someone trapped in the house and alert firefighters to the exact whereabouts of the fire and its origin. 


One of the leading causes of home fires is unattended cooking in the kitchen. To help prevent these types of fires, smart motion detectors can determine when someone leaves the kitchen, and the stovetop is on. Our certified technicians can program these devices to turn off the stove after a certain amount of time has passed or send you an alert as a reminder. 


At Atlantic Security, we’ve been providing home security and home automation solutions since 1968. To learn more about smart fire alarm systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today. 

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