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What Makes Monitored Smoke Detectors Better than Local Devices?

What Makes Monitored Smoke Detectors Better than Local Devices?

Ensure Fast Fire Detection and Response Whether You’re at Home or Away

Do you know when the smoke detectors in your Amelia Island, FL home will expire? Just check the date of the manufacture on the back of the lids. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, smoke detectors that are more than a decade old need to be replaced.

If you’re replacing your smoke detectors soon, ask your local security system company about upgrading to monitored smoke detectors as part of a smart home security system. Monitored smoke detectors provide lifesaving benefits that standalone smoke detectors can’t. Explore three notable benefits below.

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Automatic Alerts to the Authorities

Local smoke detectors are only useful if someone is inside your home to hear the triggered alarm. When you’re away, you’ll have no knowledge of smoke or fire inside your home until it’s too late. We all know that when it comes to fire safety, every second counts.

Conversely, monitored smoke detectors will immediately trigger an alert to a professional monitoring center, which will then alert your local fire station to send help to your property right away. While you’ll also be notified, you may not have your phone in hand to see the alert. Monitored smoke detectors ensure someone will always respond to an emergency regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.


Monitor Your Smoke Detection Remotely

As we mentioned before, monitored smoke detectors trigger real-time alerts to your smartphone when smoke is detected so you’re always in the know. What’s more, you can also remotely activate certain safeguards to help protect your home and those inside in the event of an emergency.

Use your smartphone to remotely unlock all windows and doors to help anyone inside get out quickly or to let in first responders. To help slow the spread of smoke, use your smartphone to turn off all air in your home. For even faster protection, a smart home security system can perform these steps for you automatically as soon as your smoke detectors sense smoke or fire.


Provide a Safeguard for Vulnerable Persons

People with certain disabilities, young children, and the elderly may not be able to take proper action in the event of a fire. Your pets would also be in immediate danger if no one were there to call 911 or let them outside. In these cases, getting the local fire department to the scene as soon as possible is critically important.

With monitored smoke detectors in place, authorized monitoring professionals will take immediate action to dispatch the local fire department so any person or animal left inside the home will know that help is on the way when they are unable to help themselves.


Safeguard your home with the latest smart home security solutions that put peace of mind in the palm of your hand. Our team at Atlantic Security is passionate about delivering innovative smart home and security systems that deepen the connection between our clients and what they care about most—their homes. Learn more about our dedicated services and solutions by getting in touch with us here.

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