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5 Important Reminders for all Atlantic Security Customers


Save these numbers: 1-800-432-1429 and 1-800-633-4738

Due to the unfortunate spam call era we live in, many calls from 1-800 numbers are never answered. This has presented a problem for our monitoring center to verify our customers false alarms, due to the fact the Monitoring Center calls you via 1-800-432-1429 or 1-800-633-4738. Please save both numbers in your mobile phone contacts to display as Alarm Monitoring. We also recommend including a subtitle under work or company to display Urgent Answer This Call. This info also needs to be passed on to your emergency list people.


Don't forget your password!

This is the vocal code word you use to identify yourself to our operators. If you can't remember what your password, please call into our office at 904-743-8444.


Register your alarm

Register your alarm with the sheriffs department, if you live in St. Johns, Duval, Clay, Nassau, and Putnam counties. Alarm registration is required in these counties. In Duval and St. Johns, you can register online. Other counties require you to mail or fax in the form. This Registration form was included in your leave behind packet left by your installer. If you still need the form, then call our office at 904-743-8444.


The Basics: Arming and Disarming your system

Most traditional push button keypads are easy to arm and disarm with your 4 digit passcode.

First choose "Stay" or "Away" mode. Remember, "Stay" is for when you will be in the home. It arms perimeter sensors, but not motion detectors. "Away" mode arms both perimeter sensors and motion detectors. "Stay" and "Away" modes are also available to you on the Atlantic app, if you have a cell communicator on your alarm system.

On the keypad, choose the "Stay" or "Away" button, and that's it! The system will start arming. To disarm the system, simply enter in your 4 digit passcode and the system will disarm.


We lost power and now my system won't stop beeping!

During prolonged periods of power lost, security systems can go into trouble once the back up battery has been fully depleted. Your system may seem to "go crazy" with beeping. To stop the beeping, simply follow three simple steps found here.
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