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The Benefits of Cloud-Based Access Control

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Access Control

Atlantic Security Partners with to Provide Clients the Ultimate in Access Control

For over 50 years, Atlantic Security has been committed to providing our clients with best-in-class security measures. To say we've seen significant changes in the half a century we've been in business is an understatement. The analog-style system for access control in Jacksonville, FL, has been replaced by the cloud—software and databases accessed via servers over the internet.

Let’s take a look at why cloud-based access control systems are taking the world by storm.

3 Ways to Use Access Control for Increased Business Security

3 Ways to Use Access Control for Increased Business Security

Stay in Charge of Your Security by Applying Access Control to Turnstiles, Parking Lots & Building Floors

Access control is an integral part of your business security system. Solutions like electronic keycards, PIN codes, and biometric scanners can help you control and monitor who enters and exits your Darien, GA property at any point in time—even if you’re not there. 

Access control systems are typically used on front door entrances to keep unauthorized personnel from entering without clearance. However, access control systems can be applied in other ways to improve building and business security. Read below to learn how you can better safeguard your business by implementing access control for turnstiles, parking lots, and building floors.

Is Smart Access Control the Missing Link to Your Security System?

Is Smart Access Control the Missing Link to Your Security System?

Our Commercial Access Control Solutions Offer Security-Enhancing Benefits that a Physical Key Can’t

Access control innovations have always been evolving. What started as a wooden pin lock some 6,000 years ago is now a multitude of solutions that don’t require a physical key at all, such as electronic keycards, PIN codes, facial recognition, and more.

If your Jacksonville, FL business is still using the traditional lock-and-key method for access control, you could be putting your staff and assets at risk. Smart access control solutions offered by our team at Atlantic Security feature security-enhancing benefits you simply can’t get from a physical key.

Read below to explore the benefits of integrated access control and why you should incorporate this solution into your commercial security system.

3 Smart Tips from Your Local Security System Company

3 Smart Tips from Your Local Security System Company

Did You Know Automated Security Could Do This?

Building a smart home security system is an essential part of staying safe in Amelia Island. You can keep an eye on your property, set alarms, and otherwise protect your family and belongings from harm directly from your smartphone or tablet. But technology changes at a rapid pace -- and you may not know everything your system can do to keep you safe. That’s why we, as your local security system company, have put together this blog. We want to show you how you can get the most out of your system. Find out more by reading below.

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Business Security System Trends 2019: AI Takes Over

Business Security System Trends 2019: AI Takes Over

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Business Security

If 2018 was the year smart technology became indispensable to business, 2019 will be the year of artificial intelligence.

While it’s made some headway over the past few years, the trend toward AI in commercial spaces has only gotten stronger. As president and CEO of LG told Digital Trends recently “What AI hopefully will do is solve this problem of using complex systems, so that the devices become smart, and smart devices mean they’ll know exactly what you want.”

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, AI will make an appearance in an unprecedented number of devices. But its primary application will be in commercial applications.

To find out how AI will help you solve some of your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL company’s most complex business security system issues in the coming year, keep reading.

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