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It’s time to embrace a smart security system. Check out this blog series to explore the latest technology upgrades available for your space.

Stop Leaks Before They Cost You with Smart Water Valve Detection

Stop Leaks Before They Cost You with Smart Water Valve Detection

Pair Water Management Technology with Your Smart Security System to Protect Your Property from Damage

Did you know the annual cost of home water damage is $9.1 billion? Burst pipes, drippy faucets, and leaky appliances happen quickly and sometimes right under your nose without any warning. Before you know it, you’re spending thousands of dollars on repairs.

Despite the constant risk of water leaks, only 6 percent of homes currently have a smart leak detection system. A smart leak detection system is especially crucial for properties that stay vacant for months throughout the year, like vacation homes in Sea Island, GA. Imagine visiting your vacation residence only to find collapsed ceilings or a mold-blackened basement from water leak damage.

By pairing smart water valve detection with your smart security system, you can rest confidently that leaks are stopped at the start, whether you’re there or not. Learn more about the benefits of smart water valve detection below.

Is Voice Control the Future of Your Home Security System?

Is Voice Control the Future of Your Home Security System?

How Amazon Alexa Is Stepping into Security

For a long time, it was taken for granted that voice control and security don’t go together. After all, voice control is a relatively new technology – what’s to keep the bad guys from simply saying “Alexa, disarm the alarms?”

But, of course, technology keeps changing. And there’s no stopping voice control upgrades to any part of your home technology, including your smart security system.

Maybe that’s why the Alexa platform has recently made its boldest steps yet into the home security market. Will this be a game changer? Find out by reading below!

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