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Accomplish Your New Year Goals with Help from Smart Home Security

Accomplish Your New Year Goals with Help from Smart Home Security

The Right Home Security Installation Gives You the Tools to Take on 2020

With the new year underway, it’s time to plan and conquer your 2020 goals. Achieving any resolution can be challenging when you lead a busy life, so why not lean on a smart home security system for help?

The right home security installation provides you with the tools to help you travel more with less stress, manage renovation projects throughout your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL home, and spend more time with loved ones. Learn how below!

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Travel More with Less Stress

Making more time for travel is a common goal, but with it comes the unavoidable stress of leaving your home vulnerable to potential break-ins while you’re away. A smart home security system can significantly ease your worry with 24/7 remote access to your property from the convenience of your smartphone.

Connected indoor and outdoor cameras store live and recorded footage of activity occurring in and around your home so you can view it at a moment’s notice. Additionally, built-in motion detectors will trigger your security system to send you live alerts that notify you of any sensed activity around your property. No matter the time or place, you’ll always be connected to your home. 

Take on More House Projects

Do you have a big house project in mind for 2020? Whether you want to upgrade your kitchen or install a pool outdoors, smart home security can help you better manage any home renovation project from beginning to end.

When contractors arrive at your home, your video doorbell can send an alert to your smartphone so you can remotely unlock your door to let them in while you’re away. For added convenience, create temporary access codes on your smart locks that expire after a preset time so your contractors can’t use it again once the project is done.

User code-triggered smartphone alerts will tell you how long contractors were at your home, what time they showed up, or if they left too early. You’ll also be notified if a door or window was left open or unlocked, which you can instantly arm from your smartphone.

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Spend More Time with Loved Ones

The right smart home security system is designed to make life simpler, more comfortable, and more convenient so you can spend more time doing things you love. A home security installation by our team at Atlantic Security will give you the freedom to spend less time worrying about the protection of your home and more time enjoying life with your loved ones. 

Effortlessly command your security system from your smartphone, tablet, or even by voice. Each control solution is simple to use and can lock and arm your home in a single tap or phrase. For added peace of mind, take advantage of our around-the-clock monitoring and support services that are there to catch potential dangers in case you miss an alert.


Achieve your resolutions this year with some help from a smart home security system installed by our certified professionals at Atlantic Security. Learn how to get started by calling (904) 743-8444 or filling out our online contact form.

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