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Today’s Smart Home Safety Systems Provide Extraordinary Protection

Today’s Smart Home Safety Systems Provide Extraordinary Protection

Protect Your Home and Those Your Love with Smart Technology

As leaders in the design and installation of home safety systems in Amelia Island, GA for over 50 years, we use the latest integrated smart home technology to secure the things that matter most to you—your family and home.

Let’s look at what makes up a home security system and how automated technology is transforming how we protect our homes.

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The Features of a Home Safety System

Home security systems are designed to secure entry points, detect issues in the home and outside areas, and alert law enforcement and homeowners when an event occurs. To accomplish this feat, security systems utilize security cameras, video doorbells, motion and glass-break sensors, floodlights, and alarms. These systems are also comprised of fire and carbon monoxide(CO) detectors and other sensors that will alert you in cases of fire, smoke, CO, flooding, or other environmental disasters.

All these features are tied together in one centralized control panel. When integrated with automated technology, the system works seamlessly, and in ways we could only dream about even a decade ago. 

Security That’s Getting Smarter

Today’s video surveillance solutions include smart cameras that analyze and recognize what they see. They'll ignore the passing raccoon but will alert you when a person enters your property, setting off floodlights or porch lights depending on the scenario and allowing you to see the person that just crossed the virtual tripwire and entered your space. 

If keeping deer out of the garden is a top priority, we’ll program the system to turn on specific outdoor lights and scare them away. Then, should a possible intruder enter the picture, all the lights inside and outside the home light up, alerting you to potential danger and startling them in the process.

Touchless video doorbells allow you to see a person who’s at the door even before they ring the doorbell. You can speak to them through a two-way intercom, letting them know where to leave a package. Did a guest arrive before you got home? Simply let them know you'll be there soon and unlock the door, allowing them to relax while they wait for you. 

The Evolving Smart Home Safety System

smart home security system and other automated home technologies connect to the internet, enabling you to control and utilize your devices from anywhere in the world. Should a window open or glass break, you’ll receive an alert via text or mobile app no matter where you are, allowing you to remotely control your security camera, panning in to see the cause. 

Some home safety solutions double as home automation systems, allowing you to control your home’s climate, lights, and security from one easy-to-use interface. For example, when it's time for bed, one tap on your app will lock the doors, arm the security system, and turn all the lights off.

You can also stay in contact with those you love through smart surveillance cameras that allow two-way communication. Check in with your kids when they arrive home from school and let them know when you’ll be home. 


Atlantic Security offers smart security and control solutions throughout North Florida and South Georgia. We provide systems unique to each homeowner’s and family’s needs, utilizing smart home technology to maximize protection. To learn more about home safety systems or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today. 

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