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Curb the Spread of Germs at Work with No-Touch Security Solutions

Curb the Spread of Germs at Work with No-Touch Security Solutions

Reduce Touchpoints with Smart Access Control, Video Doorbells and More

The coronavirus may not hit the news headlines as often, but it’s still prevalent in our everyday lives—especially for those going back into the workplace. The health pandemic has transformed the way we conduct business, socialize with others, and make daily decisions.

Businesses must take hygiene habits seriously to not only prevent the spread of germs but to avoid liability. By upgrading to touchless technology solutions where possible, you can help reduce the number of surfaces your staff must touch while working.

Below, we highlight three examples of touchless security solutions that we offer our clients in Jacksonville, FL: key card access control systems, remote alarm systems, and video doorbells.

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Key Cards for Access Control

Not only do key card access control systems offer security benefits you can’t get from a traditional lock and key, but they also provide an easy and touchless way for staff to enter the work building. Especially when integrated with automatic door openers, key cards prevent the need for multiple employees to interact with a physical lock, doorknob, or pin pad. Each employee will have a key card unique to them so that no one needs to share. If a key card gets lost, simply disable it and create a new one.

Remote Arming and Disarming

Arming and disarming a traditional business alarm system typically involves typing in code using the pin pad on your security panel. If more than one person within your business manages the alarm system, it may be time to upgrade to a touchless solution.

A smart business alarm system features remote access management, which allows you to arm and disarm the alarm from the convenience of your smartphone rather than having to use the security panel. Create user accounts for each employee that manages your alarm system and grant them only the privileges they need so that no unwanted security system changes are made.

Video Doorbell for Deliveries

If your business regularly receives deliveries at a loading dock or at the back door, you can avoid close contact with delivery drivers by implementing a video doorbell that features two-way audio. Communicate with them through your audio-enabled doorbell to tell them where to drop off your deliveries. With integrated door locks or garage openers, you can remotely allow delivery drivers to drop off packages inside without having to meet them at the door.

Smart business security can promote a healthier and safer workplace while making your job easier. Learn more about our touchless technology solutions by calling Atlantic Security at 904-743-8444 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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