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Discover the Benefits of Working with a Home Security Installer

Discover the Benefits of Working with a Home Security Installer

An Integrated Security System Ensures the Ultimate Protection

In today’s DIY world, many people consider the do-it-yourself approach to installing home security cameras. And for those who just want to see who’s ringing the doorbell or ensure their puppy isn’t chewing up the couch, this method can offer the needed features. 

Today’s home security systems, however, can offer so much more. When the appropriate equipment, including smart sensors, cameras, detectors, lighting, and locks, are installed correctly and integrated, you gain unrivaled peace of mind and a level of protection once found only in commercial establishments. 

As a home security installer since 1968, our professional team at Atlantic Security has watched the tremendous changes unfold firsthand. Today, we’re excited about the level of security we can offer homeowners in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas. 

Let’s discover the benefits of working with a professional security company when protecting your home and loved ones.

Knowing the Equipment

The bedrock of your home security system is intelligent security cameras. Unfortunately, in today’s smart world, a slew of cameras have hit the market, and not all of them are reliable or secure. When Consumer Reports analyzed 10 security cameras on the market, they found that half were vulnerable to hacking. 

As a professional security provider, it’s our job to partner with the industry leaders that offer the best surveillance available. These cameras are, after all, responsible for looking after you and alerting you when possible trouble is apparent. 

Assessing the Property

Creating a sense of security is vital to genuinely enjoying your home, no matter the time of day. Our security professionals assess your property, know the vulnerabilities, and can recommend the best solution that aligns with your unique situation and home. We know the different types of cameras that work best in various areas and those that provide optimal viewing.

Do you want cameras with two-way audio that let you speak to visitors, delivery personnel, or strangers? We also recommend cameras with the latest night vision, ensuring you can see in the dead of night or during a major storm.

Integrating Your Security System

We’ll install motion sensors and smoke and water detectors in areas most vulnerable to break-ins and environmental damage. When activated, your security cameras immediately tune into the area and alert you via push notifications. No matter where you are, you can pull up a live video feed and assess the situation. 

Should someone attempt an intrusion, the integrated lighting system immediately responds, flashing indoor and outdoor lights. At the same time, the doors lock, and the alarm sounds. We can also initiate your home to perform specific actions when a stranger crosses a digital tripwire before they reach the house.

Why Work with Atlantic Security

Atlantic Security has been voted the best home security company in Jacksonville by Expertise and The Folio Weekly Magazine. Why? We are experts in the field who offer the latest high-quality smart security solutions customized for your property and budget. Wondering about our level of experience? Over 25,000 installations and counting.

To learn more about the many options in home security or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today.

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