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Smart Security Brings Enhanced Protection to Homes and Families

Smart Security Brings Enhanced Protection to Homes and Families

Integrated Smart Technology Offers Peace of Mind

Florida is known for its warm climate and beautiful beaches and has earned the title of the fishing and boating capital of the world. What a great place to live! Unfortunately, and as with any state, there is a criminal element. In 2023, Informed Insight looked at the most dangerous cities to live in this beautiful state. Jacksonville, FL, came in third, behind Orlando and Miami. 

In response to rising crime, many homeowners are installing security systems. These systems look after their home and family when they’re away, adding next-level protection and peace of mind. Today’s smart security systems do double duty, integrating with lighting and door locks and sending alerts if there’s a problem.

Let’s explore the latest features in AI-smart security.

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Staying Informed With Smart Security

A smart security system consists of intelligent cameras, smart door locks, sensors, alarms, and smart lighting. Together, these features create an unprecedented level of protection, a home that feels secure, safe, and welcoming. 

AI-Smart Cameras 

These security cameras are Wi-Fi enabled, recording and transmitting live video footage, allowing homeowners to look in on their property from anywhere. Features like high-definition video and night vision allow for distinct images even in complete darkness.

When they detect motion, they immediately zoom in on the area and send alerts to your mobile device. Because of their ability to differentiate between strangers and family members, as well as pets and wild animals, you only receive essential notifications. Built-in microphones and speakers allow two-way communication, enabling you to speak with a visitor or alert a possible intruder to your presence.

Integrated With Your Smart Devices

At Atlantic Security, we can integrate your cameras, door locks, alarms, and lighting. When a stranger is spotted, your home can immediately go into lockdown. If it happens in the evening, spotlights can illuminate the area. 

No matter where you are, you’ll immediately receive a notification. In fact, you’ll receive notifications that can stop trouble before it occurs. You’ll know if someone left the door unlocked or forgot to arm the alarm, and you can immediately take action from your mobile device.

You’ll also know if something unusual occurs. Because your system is smart, it learns your everyday patterns and can alert you when unexpected activity occurs. That may be a door or the garage opening at an odd time. You can take a quick peek through the security cameras to ensure all is well. 

Professionally Monitored

With professional monitoring, trained security professionals receive an emergency signal. They’ll assess the situation and alert the local police or first responders in the event of an actual emergency. You can also send an emergency alert to the monitoring station, letting them know you’re in danger.

Are you ready to elevate your home security to new heights? At Atlantic Security, we’ve been providing protection for homeowners in North Florida for over 55 years. As leaders in implementing the latest cutting-edge technology, we design and install customized security systems controlled from anywhere. To learn more about smart security or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today.

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