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Ensure Your Home and Family Are Protected with Smart Home Security

Ensure Your Home and Family Are Protected with Smart Home Security

Bring Your Security System Up-to-Date with the Latest Features

Of all the innovative technology available to homeowners, smart home security is one of the most in-demand systems. While managing your home from one user-friendly platform is extremely convenient and enjoyable, the peace of mind that comes from an intelligent security system is life-changing.

Let’s explore the newest features in today’s home security and how it can offer you peace of mind at your home in Brunswick, GA.

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The Panic Button

In an emergency, it's easy to let our emotions impact our ability to take necessary action. One of the features our clients genuinely appreciate is the ability to use their smartphone as a panic button. This offers an instant alarm response to emergency first responders.

The smartphone panic button lets you choose an audible or silent alarm and initiates a call to police, fire, or emergency medical personnel with one tap. Because of its remote capabilities, you can use this emergency response from anywhere in the world. For example, should you pull up your live security camera feed to see a stranger in your backyard or another emergency, one tap sends a request for help.

Cancel an Alarm

One of our clients’ common concerns is false alarms that result in unnecessary calls to law enforcement. Fortunately, today’s smart home security systems incorporate artificial intelligence (AI). This gives motion detectors and security cameras the ability to tell what a moving object is—whether a person, animal, or vehicle.

The cameras also learn by doing, coming to understand what constitutes an “everyday occurrence,” such as the dog walker stopping by at 11 a.m. or a stranger standing by your backdoor. These systems also initiate an alert, allowing you to cancel an alarm. When an alarm is activated, a notification pops up on your smartphone. At that point, you may select the “Cancel Alarm” or “Verify Alarm” icon. Verified emergency calls elicit a quicker response due to the number of false alarms that come from unconfirmed alarms.

Alerting You to the Unusual

In addition to sending alerts when strangers are present, you receive notifications when something out-of-the-ordinary occurs in your home. These systems get to know your daily routines. For example, if you or one of your family members usually lock the doors and set the alarm by 11 p.m., you’ll receive an alert when this doesn’t happen. 

Likewise, if someone opens a door in the middle of the night, you receive a notification. Now, you can stay in the loop of unusual or everyday activity that does or does not occur, no matter where you are. Combined with the ability to check on your home and loved ones through live security camera feeds ensures optimum protection and safety.

At Atlantic Security, we help homeowners achieve peace and protection by integrating the latest smart security systems. To learn more about the best systems for your unique situation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today. 

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