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How Can Your New Home Benefit from Structured Wiring?

How Can Your New Home Benefit from Structured Wiring?

Ensure Your Home Network and Connected Devices Perform Reliably

Building a new house? Now is the time to plan for structured wiring to lay the foundation for your smart home. A well-planned cable infrastructure maximizes the performance of your connected devices and keeps all wires neatly organized and labeled to make potential troubleshooting simple and quick.

Your home may include technology like smart TVs, multi-room audio, security cameras, and even an automation system. Structured wiring ensures these technologies can connect and perform without issue while taking some strain off your wireless home networking system.

Read more to learn the benefits of working with Atlantic Security to prewire your Jacksonville, FL home at the start of your project.

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Lay the Foundation for Reliable Connections

Homes rely on wireless network connectivity for devices like laptops, phones, and other smart appliances. But wireless networks can become noisy fast, with dozens of devices competing for bandwidth and ultimately slowing performance. The ideal network uses wired and wireless networking methods for optimal speed and coverage. Hardwiring bandwidth-heavy devices and access points takes some strain off your wireless network and provides optimal coverage for your connectivity needs.

Ensure High-Performance AV

Speaking of hardwiring bandwidth-heavy devices, why would you put your smart TVs on Wi-Fi when you could secure high-resolution performance by hardwiring them to your network? When our team installs TV jacks in a home, we use smart jacks that include both a coax knob and a Cat-6 port. Coax is still important because many internet service providers and TV companies use this type of wire. The Cat-6 port allows us to hardwire your TV to the network so that you always experience high-quality streaming.

Prewiring for audio is an important consideration, too. When homeowners experience the convenience of multi-room audio, they typically want more—not less. If you want multi-room audio in the living room and kitchen, you may decide later that you want it in the game room or bedrooms, too. Prewiring for audio allows us to efficiently install discreet architectural speakers now or in the future, which offer high-quality sound without disrupting your décor.

Strengthen Your Security System

While it may not be critical to lose internet connection when watching a TV show, it’s not safe to have critical devices, such as your security cameras, lose internet connection. Your security system should perform reliably around the clock. Hardwiring cameras, sensors, and security keypads with Power over Ethernet (PoE) cables ensures a stronger connection to the network. PoE is especially critical for sensors that may be placed near metal doors or windows, which can spark interference with wireless signals.

Plan ahead and lay a solid foundation for your smart home with structured wiring. You’ll rest confidently that your devices are performing as they should, and you’ll eliminate potentially expensive rework in the future. Tell your builder to work with Atlantic Security! Learn how to get started by contacting us here or calling (904) 743-8444.

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