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Incorporating Energy Saving Systems in Your Smart Home

Incorporating Energy Saving Systems in Your Smart Home

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint while Saving Money with Today’s Home Automation Systems

In 2022, we’ve seen an increased demand for reduced grid reliance and increased energy savings. Research conducted by Parks Associates found that 84% of those surveyed were interested in taking action to reduce energy consumption, whether switching to LED light bulbs, turning off lights when not in use, or adjusting their thermostats more frequently. 

Today’s smart home can do all of that and much more, incorporating alerts and automation that produce energy savings. Let’s explore the energy-saving systems Control4 brings to the table and how they're reducing the carbon footprint for homes in Brunswick, GA.

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Smart Lighting

Using the right amount of light and turning off lights when not in use can save a tremendous amount of energy. When integrated with smart shades, those savings increase significantly. 

For example, did you know that dimming LED lights by 50% uses 40% less electricity? When using Control4's built-in astronomical time clock, the lights turn on and off at the appropriate brightness levels. Now, lights can brighten or dim throughout the day based on the available daylight. 

Incorporating sensors also means that lights will no longer be left on when someone leaves a room but automatically turn off in unoccupied areas. In addition, motorized shades raise and lower, blocking direct sunlight and reducing the strain and usage of your HVAC system, which adjusts automatically.

When it's time for bed, tap the "Good Night" button on an elegant in-wall keypad, touchscreen, or remote, and your smart home puts itself to sleep. It turns off all the lights, sets the climate for the perfect sleeping temperature, locks the doors, and arms your security system.

Smart Thermostats

Smart temperature control does more than set the climate for every activity. It also alerts you to issues like cooling lapses, heating failures, or indoor pollutants and then takes action. For instance, if it registers high temperatures or indoor pollutants when you're away, it will notify you while lowering shades to block direct sunlight or opening up windows to let in the fresh air. 

Environmental Sensors

Incorporating environmental sensors can notify you of a weather event or system failure before a disaster occurs. For example, water sensors placed strategically throughout the home can detect water leakage before puddles start forming from broken sump pumps or water drips from the ceiling because a toilet kept running and overflowed. 

These systems detect an environmental hazard and do something about it. In this case, they'll shut off the offending water supply. Should you be away from home, you can check the status on your smartphone app and look at your property through security cameras to make sure all is in order. 

Are you ready to conserve energy, maximize efficiency, and create a sustainable, luxurious lifestyle? At Atlantic Security, we’ve been protecting homeowners, their loved ones, and their property for over 50 years. To learn more about energy-saving systems and home security or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today. 

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