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Introducing Our New Smart Home Security Starter Kits

Introducing Our New Smart Home Security Starter Kits

Get the Quality Care and Dependable Service You Deserve at a Reasonable Price From A Trusted Home Security Company

Since the early 1980s, Atlantic Security has proudly served homes in St. Simons, Sea Island, and Brunswick, GA. As an award-winning home security company, we stand by our commitment to deliver quality care, dependable service, and unparalleled smart home security and monitoring solutions that are unique to our clients.

If you have an existing home or vacation property in the area, you can still receive our home security services at a great price by taking advantage of our smart home security starter kits! Read on to learn the importance of investing in smart home security and why working with Atlantic Security will ensure the personalized service and support you can only get when you pick local over big-box solutions.

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The Importance of a Smart Home Security System

Before smart home security, homeowners had no way of knowing if their properties and loved ones were protected once they left the house. While security alarms and locks can deter potential intruders, these solutions may not completely stop a burglary if the intruders know you’re gone—especially if the property is your vacation home that you only visit a few times a year. The aftermath is a damaged home, lost valuables, and no trace of the criminals.

A smart home security system enables remote access management and sends real-time alerts of any suspicious activity to your smartphone so you can always know what’s happening when you are away. While traditional security systems are reactive, smart home security systems are proactive to help you make quicker decisions and ensure the safety of your property and loved ones.

Why Choose Big-Box When You Can Choose Local?

The number of smart security devices on the market today is staggering. You can buy wireless surveillance cameras, video doorbells, and more online and even install them yourself. However, choosing to work with a DIY or big-box home security brand will cost you in more ways than one.

Not only are most DIY home security systems built with cheap, throw-away hardware, but these big-box companies offer limited support and service when something goes awry. Sure, they have call centers, but the people on the other side of the phone are not typically well-versed in home security systems.

Plus, big-box companies don’t offer custom installations. Your needs are different than your neighbors’ needs, so why would you both purchase the same products? Get the personalized solutions and quality care you deserve from local experts like Atlantic Security who know your community.

Take Advantage of Our Essential Bundles

In the last five years, we’ve rolled out our Essential Bundles, or home security starter kits, for homeowners who want to start small while still receiving the quality and support that Atlantic Security provides. When you commit to a monitoring plan with us, you’ll receive a security panel, a keypad, and cellular communication at as low as $0 down, and it’s all yours to keep!

We offer the lowest monitoring rate of any major company, as well as 24/7 technology support for your system. Gain peace of mind knowing our home security professionals are monitoring your property around the clock from a central surveillance station.

You can always start small with our starter kits and then build your system as your needs expand. We’re committed to delivering a smart home security solution that is best for you, from basic to comprehensive.

To learn more about our Essential Bundles or schedule a free consultation, call 912-264-8679 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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