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Prevent More Than Break-Ins with An Advanced Burglar Alarm System

Prevent More Than Break-Ins with An Advanced Burglar Alarm System

Protect The People and Property You Value Most from Home or Away

Your home is the one place where you should be able to relax, a sanctuary from the stress and tumult of the world around you. But unfortunately, every neighborhood is susceptible to break-ins, theft, and property damage to some degree. Installing a smart burglar alarm system provides deterrence, detection, and the ability to de-escalate many situations. 

Complete home protection is more than intrusion alarms or broken window sensors; you need a combination of overlapping systems that monitor every angle. Our security experts assess your situation and craft a solution that integrates your home automation with surveillance, intelligent monitoring, and remote access control.

Are you looking for a more comprehensive way to protect your Brunswick, GA family home? Continue reading below to discover the advantages of a smarter security system.

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Even The Odds

Recent research initiated by leading insurance companies and national law enforcement agencies with former criminals makes it clear that having a home security system reduces the chance of a break-in by up to 300%. In addition, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) shows that alarm systems reduce the spread, and therefore damage, of fire by 75%.

Traditional systems rely on contact sensors that trigger an alarm when a door, window, or other entry access area is opened. We work with vendors that go beyond, including detectors that listen for the sound of breaking glass or physical damage to the house. When integrated into our sophisticated surveillance and smart home controllers, you receive pinpoint locations of any incident, view live footage, and take appropriate action.

Home Or Away

Whether you are home or away, notification and managing access are available via touch panel or mobile app. With a simple swipe, bring up any or all cameras in and around your home; review video of your property’s perimeters or specific rooms.

Not all arrivals at your front door are nefarious; from package deliveries and landscapers to tradespeople looking to install appliances, you need a way to manage access to your home. The remote access app allows you to unlock mudroom doors, open the garage, or limit access to HVAC equipment rooms. You can track the travel of anyone in the home and ensure all doors are locked once they are done. From your bedroom to a Bahamian beach, safety is in the palm of your hand.

Protection That Never Sleeps

There is no better time than now to have complete protection of your home.  Our expert team designs a system that meets your specific needs.  Are you ready to feel safer? Call us at 904-743-8444  or fill out a contact sheet to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you.

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