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Protect Your Commercial Property With A Business Alarm System

Protect Your Commercial Property With A Business Alarm System

Feel Safer Knowing That The People and Facilities You Rely on Are Secure.

Running a business presents many challenges, from supply-chain complications to growing your real revenue. Unfortunately, ensuring that your people and property are safe and secure is a growing concern in today’s world, too. 

Burglary and theft create issues beyond the one-time loss of cash or stock. Recent insurance research shows that criminals make repeated attempts once a location is discovered to be a ‘soft target.’ Any incident has a physiological effect on your employees and even clients, and it instills a sense of anxiety that presents a direct threat to the viability of your business.

A comprehensive business alarm system offers top-notch surveillance, safety, and proactive prevention, protecting staff, buildings, products, and your bottom line in Jacksonville, FL. Are you ready to upgrade? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Rely On Our Eyes

No one wants to think the worst; we want to trust employees to be honest and believe that violent incidents only occur in other areas. Law enforcement studies show that too many small and medium-sized companies begin to harden their security after the damage has been done.

While there are dramatic news stories about ‘daylight raids’ in stores, the truth is that most crimes are committed when the premises are empty or lightly occupied. Keeping safety personnel to maintain a watch is expensive. Utilizing central station monitoring in concert with local protections gives you the power to be proactive.

A significant advantage when using professional monitoring is that your networks, cameras, and emergency notification systems are regularly maintained. The monthly tests on components ensure that there is no damage to equipment or lines and that all firmware is up-to-date.

Smart Surveillance

It is well known that installing video cameras where they can be seen reduces a fair share of attempted intrusions and crimes of opportunity. Even the most ardent trouble makers can be neutralized by controlling access and employing clear indications of being identified. 

With security alarm monitoring, verifying potential threats falls on the agents and AI of the service. Cameras with advanced predictive action technology instantly distinguish between employees gathering and potential trouble. Off-site human operators review every notification and determine whether the footage demands further action.

Safety Assured

By having the stress of ensuring everyone’s safety lifted off your shoulders, you can have peace of mind and focus on growing sales. Call us at 904-743-8444 or fill out a contact sheet to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you.

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