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The Benefits of Cloud-Based Access Control

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Access Control

Atlantic Security Partners with to Provide Clients the Ultimate in Access Control

For over 50 years, Atlantic Security has been committed to providing our clients with best-in-class security measures. To say we've seen significant changes in the half a century we've been in business is an understatement. The analog-style system for access control in Jacksonville, FL, has been replaced by the cloud—software and databases accessed via servers over the internet.

Let’s take a look at why cloud-based access control systems are taking the world by storm.

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Intuitive Interface

Combining the latest technology with advanced software design makes web interfaces much more intuitive than traditional applications, creating a better user experience. In addition, logging into your cloud-based dashboard gives you and your chosen administrators access to all data and system controls for your one unit or multiple-unit business.

Access From Anywhere

Instead of limiting access to a single computer in the office, an administrator can manage cloud-based access control using a browser from any smartphone, tablet, or computer located anywhere in the world. This is particularly helpful if a new employee requires access while you or your administrator is on vacation or for immediately revoking access for a terminated employee.

If an employee leaves the office and forgets to lock the doors behind them or set the security system, you can also perform these functions through remote access.


Security measures include multi-factor authentication methods and encrypted communication through channels like SSL, HTTPS, and TLS. These systems also operate in extremely secure data centers.

Expanding businesses can also control all locations from one device, integrating and managing access control and security systems from any browser and limiting access to various administrative personnel. The system grants each person different levels of power, limiting any security issues while ensuring continuous operations.

Saves Money

Pricing models may be subscription-based, meaning an easy monthly or annual fee. Cloud advantages also mean you no longer require expensive rack storage and hardware servers on-site at every location, systems that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

This type of hardware also requires regular maintenance, updates, and an IT member to track down malfunctions. For those without internal specialists, an off-site IT personnel may have to take a server down, run maintenance, and update the software in a process that can take hours, if not a full day, leading to lost productivity. Cloud-based systems automatically update every week.


When integrated with other security systems and smart automation, you can control video surveillance and other automated security features from one easy-to-use interface. These systems also provide for seamless integration with other could-based applications, enabling automated workflows.

Remote Support

One of the best features of cloud-based access control is that your company will no longer have to wait for help. Instead, our certified technicians can log in remotely and help with any issues with 24-hour tech support.

Atlantic Security partners with to deliver the convenience of smart automation with access control. Manage everything from your smart device, whether locking and unlocking doors, granting or removing employee access, managing multiple sites, or integrating your access and intrusion alarm systems. Receive immediate alerts if a door is left ajar, to learn what time the business opens and closes, and for any unexpected after-hours activity.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level through cloud-based access control? Atlantic Security is here to help you. For a complimentary consultation or more information, call Atlantic Security today.

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