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Protect Your Property And People With Door Sensors

Protect Your Property And People With Door Sensors

Discover the Different Types and Installation Methods of These Essential Early Warning Devices

Your home should be a sanctuary from the stress of the world around you; it is the one place where you should be able to relax and be yourself. But unfortunately, every neighborhood is susceptible to break-ins, theft, and property damage to some degree. Installing a home security system provides deterrence, detection, and the ability to de-escalate nearly any situation.

While easily overlooked, door sensors are essential in providing you with the earliest warning of intrusions. The devices are used on virtually any type of entryway or storage access point, giving you instant notification for better management of your home.

Learn how attention to the smallest details, like door sensors, leads to better protection for your St. Augustine, FL home? Continue reading below.

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How Sensors Work

A door sensor is a device that, when initiated, alerts an alarm control panel whenever a door, gate, or even cabinet door is opened. A sensor has two components: an actuator attached to a fixed frame and a magnet on the door itself. These two are typically placed within a half-inch of each other for maximum sensitivity.

When a door is opened (and in some cases closed), the magnet is moved away, a reed inside the sensor drops back, making a signal connection. Once the alarm system is notified, it can act on its pre-programmed responses by generating an attention chime, triggering an alert, turning on lights, logging a timestamp, or indicating trouble to a central station monitor.

Which Is Right For You?

Sensors can be divided by how they are mounted and the method of communicating to a control panel. Each offers options for ease of installation, concealment, and cost-effectiveness.

Traditional systems utilize dedicated wire runs from each entryway to the alarm system. While this method is time-consuming to install, it does offer the most reliable connection. Wireless or RF units can easily be added, removed, or replaced in minutes. The lack of physical wires is convenient, but the units require changing batteries annually and may need additional equipment to ensure reliable connections.

Many standard sensors simply attach to the exterior of a door, but aesthetics matter in luxury homes; having visual distractions may be undesirable. In these cases, installing recessed units furnishes the same level of security while blending into the decor.

Expert Installation That Protects

There is no better time than now to have complete protection of your home. Our expert team designs a system that meets your specific needs. Are you ready to feel safer? Call us at 904-743-8444 or fill out a contact sheet to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you.

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