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4 Advantages of a Hardwired Burglar Alarm System

4 Advantages of a Hardwired Burglar Alarm System

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Choosing the right security system for your home is an important decision that involves several considerations, like price, types of sensors, and surveillance cameras. But there’s another consideration you’ll need to think about, too: Should you choose a wired or wireless solution?

Today’s DIY home security companies would argue that wireless sensors reign supreme while hardwired sensors are outdated or complicated to work with. However, the professional security system installers and integrators at Atlantic Security have another take.

While wireless solutions can still be a great option, let’s explore four valuable advantages of a hardwired burglar alarm system for your Jacksonville, FL home. Keep reading to learn more.

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1. Reliability

Wired sensors rely on a hardwired connection to receive power and send signals to your alarm system panel rather than communicating wirelessly over a network like wireless sensors do. Because they’re physically wired to the alarm system panel, wired sensors aren’t vulnerable to wireless interference, weak signals, or cyber-hacking.

2. Fewer False Alarms

Because hardwired sensors aren’t vulnerable to interference or frequency jamming, they trigger far fewer false alarms than wireless sensors. While it’s not common to trigger false alarms in the first place, the possibility of false alarms and harmful exposure to criminals increases when you choose wireless sensors—particularly DIY sensors that are unencrypted and communicate on just one radiofrequency.

3. More Coverage

The coverage of a wireless security system can only extend so far. If you’re building or own a large home, the distances between some DIY wireless sensors and your alarm system panel may result in weak signals and lagging response times. On the other hand, wired systems work reliably no matter the distance, supporting the most expansive properties without lag or dropped signals.

4. No Hassle with Batteries

Wireless sensors run on batteries. You know what that means! It’s your responsibility to replace those batteries when the juice runs out. While some wireless systems can alert you when batteries are running low, you’re still required to change them out yourself. If you don’t like the idea of your security system failing because you forgot to replace a battery, then hardwired may be the way to go.

Wired Is Reliable, But Wireless Is Still an Option

If you’re building a home, there’s no reason not to go with a hardwired security system. It offers more reliability, and you never have to think about replacing batteries. Additionally, if you’re moving into a new home with a preexisting hardwired system, you don’t need to hassle uninstalling and replacing it. Intelligent alarm systems like and Qolsys can work with your hardwired sensors.

However, if you’re expanding an existing alarm system or adding one to an existing home, wireless solutions can still be a reliable option—especially if you partner with a professional system installer like Atlantic Security. We use PowerG wireless technology to ensure your wireless security and life safety devices perform as they should, with ultra-long range, advanced encryption technology, and more.

Call on Atlantic Security, your local burglar alarm system installer and integrator in Northeast Florida, to help you choose the right security system for you. For a free consultation, contact us here or call (904) 743-8444 today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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