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Smart Home Surveillance Provides Peace of Mind & Security

Smart Home Surveillance Provides Peace of Mind & Security

Create a Safe, Relaxing Haven with Today’s Smart Security Cameras

At Atlantic Security, we've protected homes and families in Jacksonville, FL, with the latest home surveillance systems for over 50 years. While these systems provide a solid deterrent for thieves and vandals and almost instant notification if intruders attempt a break-in, the day-to-day benefits they bring often matter the most to our clients. 

It's receiving an alert when their kids return home from school. It’s the video clip showing them safely inside and the doors locked. It’s checking in on Fido to see what he’s up to when the family’s away.

As with many things in life, it’s the little things, the seemingly insignificant moments, that make the biggest difference. Let’s explore the features of home security cameras that make a big difference in your everyday lives.

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Keeping an Eye on the Kids

Interior and exterior surveillance cameras provide peace of mind that's hard to define. In-home cameras enable you to look in on a new babysitter to ensure your children are well-cared for. They capture life’s precious moments that are all too easy to miss, from your baby’s first word to your lab sharing his toy with your toddler. 

Did a slipper find its way from an open closet to a young pup’s bed? Is the new dog walker kind and patient with your newest family member? An indoor security camera can reassure you, enabling you to check in on what you treasure the most. 

When at home, privacy mode lets you temporarily disable the camera. High-end encryption, device updates, and two-factor authentication ensure your cameras are always protected. 

Digital Tripwires

Digital tripwires are set up around vulnerable or out-of-bounds areas, sending an alert when crossed. Some common locations include in front of medicine and alcohol cabinets, around pools, and the perimeter of your backyard area. 

When crossed, you receive an immediate alert and can check what's happening via video surveillance cameras. Are you getting some work done in your home office when the backyard’s invisible boundary signals a breach? Quickly check the camera to ensure the kids are staying on the property and a stranger hasn’t found a way in. 

Intelligent Surveillance

Today’s smart outdoor cameras offer incredible features, including AI learning that lets them differentiate between strangers, family members, pets, and wild animals. Some offer 360-degree views that can cover expansive outdoor areas. Pan-tilt-zoom capabilities and night vision enable you to clearly see what set off an alert no matter the time of day. Smart surveillance also incorporates microphones and speakers, providing two-way audio. 

When someone comes to the door, you’ll receive a video feed, allowing you to greet them through the two-audio or ask them to leave. When away on vacation or a business trip, you can monitor deliveries by remotely opening the garage door so that packages don’t build up—a sign potential intruders look for. 

Today’s possibilities in home security are nearly limitless. At Atlantic Security, each security system is customized and unique to the homeowner and their family’s lifestyle and needs. To learn more about the latest home surveillance or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today. 

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