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The Features of an Intelligent Home Security System

The Features of an Intelligent Home Security System

Enjoy Smart Protection & Peace of Mind

At Atlantic Security, we’re passionate about creating intuitive security systems that provide peace of mind, ease of use, and take advantage of the latest technology. To accomplish this, we partner with leading brands in the smart home security system arena, like Alarm.Com, Qolsys, and DSC. These industry leaders offer systems that protect your home and loved ones using the latest smart home technology while making day-to-day life a little easier. 

Let’s explore the latest systems and how they protect homes and loved ones in Jacksonville, FL.

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Personalized Alerts

A smart home security system should do more than alert you to intrusions or potential break-ins. These systems should also make everyday life easier. One of the features that makes this a reality is customized alerts unique to your specific needs. Our certified technicians can program the system to trigger notifications for just about any event.

For many people, that means receiving a push notification if the kids get home from school before they do. Then, they check in on them through the home security cameras and ensure the doors are locked via their smartphone app. Others receive alerts when the dog walker arrives and leaves or a package is left by the door.

If someone forgets to lock the front door, arm the alarm, or close the garage door, you’ll receive a notification and can accomplish the task right from your smartphone. These smart systems learn everyday events and let you know when an unexpected activity occurs. We can also place sensors and digital tripwires on and around off-limit areas for the little ones, like medicine and liquor cabinets, cleaning-supply storage areas, and the pool.   

Live Footage from Home Surveillance

Video surveillance systems are one of the primary monitoring solutions for homeowners. Indoor, outdoor, and front door cameras let you see what’s happening at your property no matter where you are in the world. In addition, two-way voice technology enables you to speak to the person at your front door and the kids when they arrive home from school.

Thanks to the latest video analytics, the system can turn the lights on when a person or vehicle is spotted at night and leave them off if it's an animal or a storm blowing around debris. 

Professionally Monitored

Life gets busy. From meetings to numerous activities, vacations, and everyday tasks, we’re not always available to respond to emergency alerts. That's where a professionally monitored system comes in. Should you be hiking the Himalayas or in a remote jungle in Peru without internet, the monitoring service receives the same alerts you do and can contact local first responders in an emergency. You can also count on them if you’re in a meeting and have your phone on silent. 

These features scratch the surface of what’s possible in today’s home security. At Atlantic Security, we’ve been protecting homeowners and the ones they love for over 24 years. With over 25,000 installations under our belt, you can be assured of a customized, professional, and scalable solution that will serve you for years to come. To learn more about home security systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today.

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