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Get Emergency Help When You Need It with an Alarm Panic Button

Get Emergency Help When You Need It with an Alarm Panic Button

Send an SOS to Chosen Contacts or Your Security Monitoring Company at the Touch of a Button

The home should always be a place of refuge. With a growing number of older adults living independently, it’s important that they be properly equipped with easy-to-use solutions that aid in better safety and protection should an emergency arise.

In times of danger, a wireless panic button as part of a smart home security system is a quick and effective solution for signaling for help. A panic button is designed to protect you or a loved one from harm when reaching for the phone isn’t feasible.

In this blog, we’ll cover some key FAQs about wireless panic buttons and how a professional home security company like Atlantic Security can deliver this solution to your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL home.

3 Ways You Can Keep Your Home and Neighborhood Safer

3 Ways You Can Keep Your Home and Neighborhood Safer

Smart Home Security Withers Worry and Helps Protect Your Neighbors Too

In these challenging times, we already have much to worry about. One of those worries shouldn’t be the safety of your home. With the right home security solutions in place, you can stay informed about suspicious activity and get the right information quickly to take proper action when needed.

In fact, solutions like smart security cameras and home security monitoring can help even protect your neighbors, too. Read on to learn three ways you can better protect your home and your Amelia Island, FL neighborhood while you’re at it.

Protect What Matters Most with Smart Home Monitoring

Protect What Matters Most with Smart Home Monitoring

Peace of Mind That’s Always with You Wherever You Go

There was once a time when homeowners would leave their houses for work, errands, or vacation without an inkling of how their properties would fare while they were gone. There was no way to know of a home intrusion, water leak, fire, and the like until after it was too late.


Now, homeowners can leave the stress of the unknown behind by arming their properties with a smart home operating system like Control4 or A smart home system puts peace of mind in the palm of your hand by offering smart home monitoring capabilities at the touch of a finger. Whether you’re down the street or across the globe, you can check on door locks, view video footage, adjust porch lights, and more.


Read on to learn how smart home monitoring for your Jacksonville, FL home helps you protect what matters most.


Stop Leaks Before They Cost You with Smart Water Valve Detection

Stop Leaks Before They Cost You with Smart Water Valve Detection

Pair Water Management Technology with Your Smart Security System to Protect Your Property from Damage

Did you know the annual cost of home water damage is $9.1 billion? Burst pipes, drippy faucets, and leaky appliances happen quickly and sometimes right under your nose without any warning. Before you know it, you’re spending thousands of dollars on repairs.

Despite the constant risk of water leaks, only 6 percent of homes currently have a smart leak detection system. A smart leak detection system is especially crucial for properties that stay vacant for months throughout the year, like vacation homes in Sea Island, GA. Imagine visiting your vacation residence only to find collapsed ceilings or a mold-blackened basement from water leak damage.

By pairing smart water valve detection with your smart security system, you can rest confidently that leaks are stopped at the start, whether you’re there or not. Learn more about the benefits of smart water valve detection below.

4 Burglary Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

4 Burglary Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

Safeguard Your Property with These Home Security Tips from Atlantic Security

A burglary takes place about every 18 seconds in the United States. That adds up to roughly 4,800 burglaries a day. While that number is startling, homeowners should know the facts behind how and when burglaries occur in order to better safeguard their properties.

However, knowing the facts isn’t always enough to stop potential break-ins. With a robust home security installation by our team at Atlantic Security, you’ll have the tools you need to proactively keep intruders at bay. 

Below are four shocking facts about burglaries as well as some security tips you can use to protect your home in St. Simons, GA when you have a security system in place.

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