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Get Complete Home Security With A Video Monitoring System

Get Complete Home Security With A Video Monitoring System

Protect Your Property and Family With Professionally Monitored Surveillance and Alarms

Keeping your family safe is a top priority, regardless of where you live; including a security system for your smart home is essential. Video cameras have been shown over several academic and law enforcement studies to reduce potential crime by 60% in most areas. 

Tracking notifications, determining if an alert is real or just the kids forgetting to disarm the alarm can become unwieldy and a distraction from your workday. Our video monitoring systems provide comprehensive coverage with a professional monitoring team dedicated to maintaining the sanctity of your home. 

Are you curious to see how your St. Augustine, FL house or vacation properties benefit from a complete security system? Continue reading below to learn more. 

Protect Your Commercial Property With A Business Alarm System

Protect Your Commercial Property With A Business Alarm System

Feel Safer Knowing That The People and Facilities You Rely on Are Secure.

Running a business presents many challenges, from supply-chain complications to growing your real revenue. Unfortunately, ensuring that your people and property are safe and secure is a growing concern in today’s world, too. 

Burglary and theft create issues beyond the one-time loss of cash or stock. Recent insurance research shows that criminals make repeated attempts once a location is discovered to be a ‘soft target.’ Any incident has a physiological effect on your employees and even clients, and it instills a sense of anxiety that presents a direct threat to the viability of your business.

A comprehensive business alarm system offers top-notch surveillance, safety, and proactive prevention, protecting staff, buildings, products, and your bottom line in Jacksonville, FL. Are you ready to upgrade? Continue reading below to learn more. 

Protect Your Business From Disaster With A Fire Alarm System

Protect Your Business From Disaster With A Fire Alarm System

Avoiding Disaster and Saving On Insurance Premiums Starts with Advanced Detection and Expert Installation

Owning a business comes with many responsibilities, chief among these is the security and safety of your property and personnel. While intrusion alerts and surveillance cameras aid in preventing theft, vandalism if you are not using a fire alarm system, it can all be gone in a flash.

The loss of product inventory from shoplifting is replaced in days, cash from the register is refilled, and graffiti can be cleaned within hours. However, when flames take hold of your property, the destruction left in its wake is devastating. The typical recovery time from a small fire is counted in weeks or even months.

Installing a detection network from a certified integrator saves lives and the livelihoods of your employees.  Are you ready for greater peace of mind with comprehensive protection for your Jacksonville, FL business? Then Continue reading below to discover more.

Today’s Fire Alarm Systems Are Smart and Proactive

Today’s Fire Alarm Systems Are Smart and Proactive

Learn How a Smart Fire Alarm System Can Save Lives

You probably remember the fire-related tragedies that occurred last year in St. Augustine, FL. Just weeks before Christmas, a fire erupted on the north side of Eddie Vickers Park. Though the fire department responded in six minutes, much of the home was destroyed in the two hours it took to extinguish the blaze. Similarly, in February neighbors reported smoke coming from a home near St. Augustine Beach and though firefighters responded in minutes, it was too late to save a man and his dog. 

While heartbreaking, these events are stark reminders of the importance of protecting our property and loved ones in moments when the unthinkable happens. Smoke inhalation is the number one cause of death due to fire. Fire alarm systems can wake up homeowners before carbon monoxide and other toxic by-products cause asphyxiation. In addition to protecting assets and property, an early warning can limit the dangers firefighters face when a spark becomes an inferno. Every 20 seconds, somewhere in the U.S., a firefighter responds to a fire and a call for help.

If you only get one smart home device, consider making it a smart fire alarm system. Here’s why. 

Motorized Shades Enhance Any Room And Reduce Energy Costs

Motorized Shades Enhance Any Room And Reduce Energy Costs

Smart Automation Offers Beauty and Benefits to Your Luxury Home

Window treatments are often thought of as the part of the final fit and finish to a room. Interior designers know that a room comes together with the proper application of color, style, and textures. A stale, cold, and uninviting space now has a welcoming ambiance and pops with color and vitality. Motorized shades go beyond fashion, adding comfort and energy savings.

When integrated into a smart home network, Shades help improve lighting, manage heat, protect your investments, and add to your privacy and security. At Atlantic Security, we partner with premier partners like Lutron to furnish you with sophisticated solutions that exceed expectations.  

If you are looking for a better way to add benefits to your Amelia Island, GA home without sacrificing style, continue reading below to learn more.

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