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4 Safety Tips to Prevent Christmas Tree Fires This Holiday Season

4 Safety Tips to Prevent Christmas Tree Fires This Holiday Season

Rethink Your Holiday Safety Practices with Water, Vigilance and Smart Home Security

The hustle and bustle of the holidays has arrived in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL as we partake in festive celebrations and quality time with loved ones. But with all the excitement around the season, it can be easy to overlook some dangerous safety hazards that can cause your Christmas tree to spark a fire.

To help you keep a flame-free home this time of year, we’re sharing four top safety tips that will prevent Christmas tree fires and better safeguard your home if a fire does occur. Keep reading to learn how water, vigilance, and smart home security work in tandem to help keep safe what matters most.

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Water Your Christmas Tree

Though nothing beats the beautiful pine and enchanting smell of a real Christmas tree, they can be especially dangerous during the holidays if not watered properly. In fact, a dry tree can ignite a room in less than a minute and even lead to one of the deadliest types of fires in the home.

A 2017 Shriners Hospital for Children survey found that 45 percent of U.S. adults don’t water their authentic Christmas trees every day, even though 70 percent said they knew they should. If you prefer a real tree over a fake one, make sure to check the water daily and discard it as soon as it dries out.

If you’re not especially attached to a real tree or desire a lower maintenance option, you can always purchase an artificial Christmas tree made from fire-resistant materials. Many artificial trees look just like the real thing and can be used again for several seasons to come.


Inspect Your Holiday Tree Lights

According to the National Fire Protection Association, Christmas lights cause 40 percent of tree fires in the home. While it may seem tedious, checking your holiday tree lights every year for damaged cords, frayed wires, and empty light sockets before plugging them in can significantly help keep your tree flame-free.

If you’re purchasing new Christmas tree decorations this year, consider LED lighting. Not only are LED bulbs cooler to the touch than their traditional counterparts, but they also use less electricity. Prevent your tree from catching fire and save a little money this holiday!


Don’t Leave Candles Unattended

We all love the seasonal scents of holiday candles this time of year. Whether you enjoy a single candle in the kitchen or several throughout the home, make sure to keep a close watch on their flames.

According to the Shriners survey mentioned above, 25 percent of U.S. adults said they leave lit candles unattended in their homes. Additionally, 27 percent of those surveyed said they leave lit candles within reach of children.

While it’s easy to light a delightfully scented candle in the bathroom or entryway, it’s just as easy for kids and pets to knock them over—and to forget you lit them in the first place. Monitor them carefully and blow them out as soon as you leave the room to avoid any flame reaching your Christmas tree.


Opt for Smarter Smoke Detectors

What happens if a fire ignites at home while you’re away? You can’t put it out or call the authorities if you’re not there to know what’s happening. This season, equip your home with smart smoke detectors as part of a robust home security system for proactive protection in the event of a fire.

If your home senses smoke, your security system will sound an alarm, alert professional assistance, and respond with proactive safeguards that help protect those inside. You and the authorities will be immediately notified of the time and location that your system detected smoke, and your HVAC system will shut off to contain fumes. Detect, alert, respond—that’s the power of smart home security.


Stay safe this season by properly watering your Christmas tree, inspecting your lights, keeping watch of your candles, and investing in smarter home security. For more information about holiday safety practices or upgrading your current security system, call us today at (904) 743-8444 or fill out our online contact form. Happy Holidays from Atlantic Security!

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