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Create a Secure and Fast Home Network for Your Smart Home

Create a Secure and Fast Home Network for Your Smart Home

Security Systems and Home Automation Rely on a Robust Home Network

If you've ever been on a video conferencing call that suddenly froze or found yourself staring at Netflix's buffering spinning wheel of doom, you know how irritating inefficient home networking systems can be. These minor annoyances, however, may not propel you into action. It's only when your security system or smart devices stop communicating that you realize it's time for an upgrade.

At Atlantic Security, we create smart home security systems that integrate with the many automated devices and the network that supports them. Let's explore the signs that suggest your network is not performing at its peak and the steps you can take to ensure your Jacksonville, FL home is connected and secure. 

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Signs Your Network Isn’t Up to Par

A smart home is “smart” because of its connection to the internet. This connection enables your home automation system to communicate with the varying smart devices and the varying smart devices to communicate with each other. You tap an icon on a touchscreen and the shades raise, the lights dim, and your “Good Morning” playlist streams through your home. When it’s time to leave for the day, one tap on your in-wall keypad and all the AV systems turn off, the doors lock, and the security arms. Or, at least, it should.

When you start placing more demands on your home network via activities like video streaming, gaming, and video conferencing, a traffic jam occurs. Too much data is being transmitted over the internet connection, and you experience slowdowns or, in some cases, complete shutdowns. The live footage from your 4K security cameras that you’re trying to pull up on our smartphone appears choppy and freezes when the connection temporarily drops.   

The Power of Structured Cabling

Your home network is the backbone of your smart home, and today’s smart homes and security systems require enterprise-grade networks that address the demands of automated technologies. At Atlantic Security, our network installations are reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective. 

First, we’ll analyze the different devices you’re using and check for coverage throughout your home and yard. While wireless networking is flexible and convenient, many smart homes require a hardwired connection. It’s like driving on a two-lane road or a high-speed, multi-lane highway. The bandwidth needed for your smart home prefers the highway. The right wiring also produces a more secure network, reducing the threat of cyber hacking. 

For those in the planning stages of your smart home, now's the perfect time to consider properly pre-wiring your home.

At Atlantic Security, we’ve been providing the latest smart home security solutions for over 50 years. As the oldest and largest privately owned security and automation company serving Northern Florida and Southern Georgia, we’ve watched our clients’ needs change as smart homes and integrated security systems transformed their daily lives. To learn more about your home network needs or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today. 

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