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The Benefits of a Professional Home Security Installation

The Benefits of a Professional Home Security Installation

Ensure an Integrated Smart Home Security System

While many think of a home security installation as a means to protect against burglaries and intrusions, today’s smart systems do much more. They provide the ultimate peace of mind, enabling you to check on your home no matter where you are and receive alerts if something out of the ordinary occurs. 

In addition to monitoring potential break-ins, they send alerts regarding environmental hazards like smoke, excess water, and carbon monoxide. When integrated with your smart home devices, the security level is significantly enhanced, allowing doors to lock and lights to turn on when a security event occurs, among other things.

Let's explore what these intelligent security systems provide and how a professional installation protects your home and family in Jacksonville, FL.

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A Professional Home Security Installation

Smart home security consists of alarm systems that include motion detectors, window and door sensors, and glass-break sensors. In addition, smart door locks, lighting, and security cameras all play a part in a comprehensive home safety plan. 

Atlantic Security has served Jacksonville and the greater North Florida region for over 50 years. That translates to over 25,000 installations, each unique to our clients’ needs and properties, ensuring you're in safe and experienced hands.

The first step is a consultation to determine your unique concerns and priorities. Some homeowners’ main goals are keeping an eye on their property when they’re away. Others want to ensure the safety of their younger children with digital tripwires that alert them when someone crosses an out-of-bounds area. 

Then, we perform a site survey, determining the type of cameras and equipment that best suit your needs. We’ll suggest placement, ensuring all potential entrance areas are covered. Some of our clients choose to start with the most targeted areas, such as the back and front doors, scaling and upgrading the system as their needs change. 

As security professionals and systems integrators, we tie all the components together, ensuring an intelligent home security system that responds quickly and reliably. 

Features that Matter the Most

One of our clients' favorite features is remote access. This enables homeowners to check in on their properties no matter where they are. They receive tailored alerts for what matters most, including a basement water leak, movement by the side gate, a package left at the front door, or letting them know their kids are home from school.

Today’s smart security cameras offer color night vision and two-way audio, letting users see clearly at night and speak to whoever’s on the camera. In addition, our certified technicians can program the indoor and outdoor lights to flash when an alarm is triggered, drawing attention and letting neighbors know something is wrong. An alert lets you know an unauthorized access occurred, and your home’s TVs automatically pull up the security camera feed. 

If you’re away, you can check your home’s cameras on your mobile app, and lock the doors and turn on the lights from the same platform. 

Are you ready to explore the immense possibilities of today's smart home security? To learn more about Atlantic Security’s home security installation process or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today. 

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