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Today’s High-Tech, Integrated, Smart Home Alarm Systems

Today’s High-Tech, Integrated, Smart Home Alarm Systems

Smart Home Alarm Systems Offer Both Deterrence and Protection

Home alarm systems have changed dramatically since they first hit the market in the 1850s. Today’s systems are smart and integrate with a home’s automation system to create a secured property that ensures peace of mind, whether the children are home alone or the family’s left town for a long-needed vacation. Let’s look at the latest technology impacting the home alarm system in Jacksonville, FL, and what that means to you and your family.

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The Smart Doorbell

As the oldest and largest privately-owned security company in Northern Florida, Atlantic Security has provided state-of-the-art residential security systems since 1968. We partner with the top alarm system providers in the world, including, Qolsys, and DSC. has created two doorbell cameras. Each doorbell features an integrated camera so that you always know who is at the front door. Additionally, the PIR motion sensor initiates recording even before the bell is rung, and you receive an instant digital notification, alerting you someone is at your front door.

The digital speaker and microphone allow you to speak with visitors via two-way audio. If it’s the dog walker or housekeeper or a delivery that needs to be placed inside, you simply unlock the door from your video doorbell call screen and lock it again once they leave. 

Smart Video Analytics

The best alarm and security systems deter intruders before they attempt to break in. While a large percentage of burglars will select a different target if they see an alarm protects a home, some require an additional incentive to move on.’s video analytics can detect if a moving object is an animal, person, or vehicle. When a camera detects a person, it records a video clip and sends it to the homeowner. Additionally, our certified technicians will create customized lighting automations that trigger different lights to come on in and around your home, depending on the situation. 

This solution may include a floodlight turning on when someone approaches the backdoor, or an upstairs light that turns on when a person comes within a certain proximity to the home. We can also set an after-dark zone that turns on your porch lights when someone walks up the front steps or crosses the driveway. 

Stay Connected to Family Members

A security system isn’t just about keeping intruders out. It’s also about staying connected to family members and ensuring everyone is safe inside the home. For example, cameras can send alerts when someone enters a specified area of the house, and two-way voice technology lets you check in with your family. 

Select Notifications

In addition to receiving video clips when motion is detected, we can set up your system so that you'll also receive a notification when a door's been left unlocked or a window tampered with. One-touch on your app will automatically lock all the doors in your home, no matter where you are in the world. 

A fully integrated residential alarm system requires customization that fits a homeowner's unique needs and lifestyle. At Atlantic Security, we're committed to protecting our clients with the latest technology that's easy to use and best suited for their situation and budget. To learn more about the latest in home alarm systems, or for a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today.

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