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An Environmental Control System Offers Early Detection

An Environmental Control System Offers Early Detection

Protect Your Home and Loved Ones from Environmental Threats

When people think about home security, their minds often turn to systems that protect against intruders, like security cameras, alarms, and motion detection. However, in many cases, environmental issues cause the most damage. These may come in the form of extreme weather events, broken equipment and pipes, or faulty wiring. 

Fortunately, a smart environmental control system can help alert families that trouble is brewing, limiting damage and saving lives. Let’s explore how these systems monitor your home in Jacksonville, FL, and how they’ve improved over the years. 

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Water Damage

As any Jacksonville resident will attest, the area has had its share of weather-related events that resulted in flooding. From Tropical Storm Nicole to Hurricane Ian, it’s an area well-versed in “battening down the hatches.” And while these storms certainly had an impact, the major cause for water damage is often plumbing issues, followed by washing machine leaks and aging water heaters. 

The most damaging may be slow water leaks that go undetected, resulting in mold and fungal growth as well as decay and deterioration of flooring and ceilings. To ensure water leaks are detected early, our certified technicians strategically install moisture and humidity sensors. When the sensors detect increasing moistureùwhether from equipment failure or rising tides—you receive an alert on your smartphone. If you are away, the smart automatic water shutoff valve will turn off the main water line to prevent further damage. 

Smoke Alarms

There was a time when smoke alarms sounded an annoying beep when they detected smoke. These usually went off because of an overzealous chef and required climbing on a chair to turn off the alarm. Fortunately, those times have changed. 

Today’s smart smoke alarms are connected to your environmental control system. Now, you can quickly turn off the alarm from your smartphone should smoke fill a room due to cooking. Additionally, if you receive an alert when you’re away from home, you can immediately call the fire department and ensure your family is safe. 

These systems also work with monitoring services, which receive an alert when fire, water, or intrusion is detected. If you’re unavailable, they will determine if a call to first responders is warranted, helping protect your home when you’re away. 

These smart sensors also let you know where the fire or smoke was detected so that you can determine the best exit route for your family. When integrated with your lighting, lights that lead to exits automatically illuminate, providing a safe passage in the dark. 

At Atlantic Security, we’ve been protecting homes and families throughout Northern Florida since 1968 and are the largest privately owned security and integration firm in the area. To learn more about environmental control systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today.

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