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Protect Your Staff and Assets with Integrated Access Control

Protect Your Staff and Assets with Integrated Access Control

An Access Control System Acts as a First Line of Defense

At Atlantic Security, we specialize in providing our clients with the latest electronic technology and security systems. As security specialists and system integrators, we're uniquely positioned to combine these systems with lighting and audio-video communications. They work together to secure access, the first line of defense in a system designed to protect staff, customers, and assets.

Let's look at what the latest access control systems offer and how their integration creates a secure environment.

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The Latest Access Control Systems

Manage access using any number of devices, depending on your business and facilities. One of the options growing in popularity is the use of mobile devices. Mobile access control uses a person's mobile or smartphone, tablet, or wearable device to allow entry into an accessed controlled building or room. These can even allow biometric authentication without requiring an investment in costly biometric readers. Other options include fobs, keycards, numeric keypads, and fingerprint or eye scans.

Easy-to-use interfaces allow additional integrations and updates as your business expands and needs change. You can ensure only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas with inventory and sensitive information. Access control integrated with a smart security system can also send notifications or alerts when an unauthorized person attempts to gain entry.

Visitor management systems offer an effective method for tracking and managing guests, allowing easy enforcement of security policies while providing traffic reports.

Integrating Access Control for a Robust Security System

Today's access control systems offer seamless integration with smart locks, surveillance cameras, lighting, and AV equipment. They allow you to track door access and even integrate with applications like Slack, Okta, and GSuite.

Should someone attempt unauthorized access, the building can go into immediate lockdown with security cameras focusing on the attempted location, lights flashing, and an audio warning directed at the area. Today's technology enables remarkable integrations and "anything is possible" security solutions.

Reducing Costs with Cloud-Based Systems

A cloud-based access control system operates by storing data in the cloud instead of on an on-site server. This allows you to check and make changes to your system from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. In contrast, on-site systems require you to be at your business to change user permissions. Additionally, you’ll save money because you are not required to purchase an on-site server and then maintain it, eliminating the need for expensive wiring.

Owners, security, and administrators can manage a business's or property's entrances and secure areas from smartphones, laptops, or tablets. You can change an employee's access, manage visitors with the rule or role-based settings, and convert your keyless entry method with one click. Updates and upgrades occur seamlessly and without impacting your system's processes.

As a locally owned and operated company, Atlantic Security has protected businesses and homes in Jacksonville, FL, and the greater North Florida and South Georgia region for over 50 years. To learn more about controlling access at your business, manufacturing facility, or apartment building, contact Atlantic Security today.

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