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Wired & Wireless Home Networking Solutions for Your Smart Home

Wired & Wireless Home Networking Solutions for Your Smart Home

Ensure Corner-to-Corner, Reliable, Fast, and Secure Coverage

It wasn’t that long ago when the average number of connected devices in our homes was about five. Today, that number has risen to 22. If you live in a smart home with smart security cameras, lights, motorized shades, smart thermostats, locks, and intelligent 4K HDR TVs, that number rises exponentially. 

Today, we rely on our home network more than ever before for seemingly every activity, from streaming 4K video to video conferencing in the home office to playing a round of Fortnite in the media room. Is your home networking system up for the task? 

Let’s explore your home’s network requirements and how you can ensure connectivity no matter how many devices are connected and if they’re found in your home or your expansive yard.

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The Wired Versus Wireless Debate

While many suggest a wireless solution, at Atlantic Security, we know the importance of a secure, reliable smart home. Our certified technicians assess your current home network needs now and well into the future. In many cases, putting devices that use significant bandwidth on hard-wired connections ensures a reliable, fast, and secure connection. Examples of bandwidth hogs are online gaming consoles, smart TVs, streaming devices, and security cameras with remote viewing.

Structured wiring frees up your Wi-Fi and takes the burden off your wireless network. Now, devices that require the flexibility of hopping from room to room and out onto the patio have plenty of bandwidth to support them no matter where they travel. You can also take advantage of mesh Wi-Fi systems and wireless satellite nodes that plug into structured wiring Ethernet ports, extending the range of your Wi-Fi and ensuring corner-to-corner coverage, including your outdoor areas. 

If possible, hard wiring is best planned and installed during the construction phase when the walls are open. Now, when someone streams their favorite playlist throughout the home, it won't suddenly freeze when another family member boots up a video game.

Wi-Fi 6 – The New Standard

Wi-Fi 6 is the new standard specifically designed with smart homes in mind. It combines speed and the ability to manage your home network, directing and prioritizing traffic when it gets congested. For example, we'll prioritize video conferencing equipment over the gaming console, ensuring you stay connected during video calls despite the number of connected devices.

Wi-Fi 6 also supports Wi-Fi Protected Access 3, the newest security protocol that offers better encryption tools and stronger user authentication capabilities, making for a more secure wireless home network.

An improved home network provides the best in entertainment, security, and smart home control. Are you ready to enjoy a reliable home network without the concern of dropped connections? At Atlantic Security, we’ve served the greater North Florida and South Georgia regions for 55 years, helping our clients achieve peace of mind and luxury living as smart security and systems integrators and home and commercial network experts. To learn more about your home networking needs and solutions or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today. 

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