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Why More Businesses Are Upgrading Their Commercial Security

Why More Businesses Are Upgrading Their Commercial Security

AI Technology Addresses Internal and External Threats

As a business owner, you’ve spent countless hours creating a company that defines your vision. You’ve selected the right people to help turn your dream into a reality and invested untold dollars. Every day is often a matter of prioritizing, with numerous people, activities, and events wanting your attention.

With all the happenings, it can be easy to overlook one of the most important fundamentals of any business—protection.

Unfortunately, Jacksonville, FL, is not immune to burglaries and destruction. On April 24, 2024, ten businesses were the target of vandalism that caused about $30,000 in damages. At the beginning of the year, a string of burglaries targeted Game Stop locations. Fortunately, today’s smart commercial security systems help catch intruders and utilize proactive and predictive AI to increase awareness and stop criminals before they act.

Let’s explore some of the latest devices that are securing businesses.

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Identifying Internal Theft

By the time you learn that an employee is responsible for internal theft, the loss can be significant. Taking a proactive stance can create strong deterrents, reminding employees that the risk is much too great. Two of these deterrents are AI-smart security cameras and access control systems.

Video analytics uses algorithms and AI to interpret the images seen on your security cameras. It learns and derives actionable insights the longer it watches over your company. These systems recognize patterns, behaviors, and movements, determining when an activity is out of the ordinary and warrants further investigation. Immediately, it sends a push notification that drives awareness and action.

Integrated Technology

Today’s video surveillance systems can integrate with POS systems, letting operators view video footage and sales data simultaneously, enabling them to identify possible fraudulent transactions. They also integrate with access control systems.

An access control system safeguards entry into your business and secures internal areas. You and your administrators receive notification when an unauthorized person attempts to gain access. This could be an employee trying to enter a restricted area or a stranger attempting entry through the backdoor. Immediately, cameras zoom in and send an image, alerting you to potential danger.

External Theft: Reactive Security

AI-driven video analytics helps detect possible intrusion alongside the perimeters of buildings. Highly sensitive to motion, it uncovers those attempting to breach entryways or climb fences, even if wearing camouflage in the darkest night. It zooms in and follows them, sending immediate alerts that enable a quick response.

This system also sends alerts if it detects loitering, a car in the parking lot after hours, and erratic behavior. When integrated with smart sensors and alarms, you’ll receive instant alerts when glass breaks or someone attempts entry via a door, window, or roof. You can check in on your property from anywhere, lock doors via the access control system, and speak to the intruder through your camera’s two-way audio.

Today’s commercial security systems offer unrivaled protection. At Atlantic Security, we’ve protected businesses in the greater North Florida region with state-of-the-art commercial security systems for over 50 years. To learn more about securing your business from internal and external threats or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Atlantic Security today. 


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